Still at it …

I’m now on my 5th week and I haven’t missed a single running session yet. YEY FOR ME! However, I am getting quite bored though. I don’t know – maybe I’m just feeling tired or overwhelmed with all that I need to finish before the month is through. Or maybe all the chocolates I pigged out on yesterday is now having an adverse effect on my mood. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve plateaued. Strange aye – plateauing after 5 weeks. But — you have to give me credit for ignoring the nasty little voice in my head that’s always telling me to “take a break today – you deserve it”.

Anyway, my summary:


New goal: for my average speed to consistently be at least 7km/h

My average speed’s gone up from Sunday, but gone down from Saturday. I was already clocking 7.40 km/hr and now I’m back to barely 7.00. I keep telling me that speed doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. What’s important is that I keep going and, in February, finish the 7km without stopping to walk or rest.

My graph:


Does this account for wind resistance? It was quite windy at Welly again today (so what else is new?)

That sharp spike at the very end is me running towards my train platform. I thought I’d miss my train home but, the train was late so I ran for nothing after all.

That’s it for now. Time to sleep.



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