No turning back now!

I guess this is it … I can’t turn back now and say … “nah! maybe another time” because I have registered for the AMI Round the Bays event next year! OH MY! What have I done?! Registrations opened today at 12:00 nn and the first 1000 registrants get $5.00 off their registration fee, personalised bib, 10 free workouts at Les Mills (which I opted not to take – just because I don’t like going to the gym) and … I think that’s it. All done and dusted – paid for via plastic money and that’s all go.

AND … I decided to check the route map – just so I know where we’d be running and it really is Round the Bays! They start off at Frank Kitts Park then down Oriental Parade, and the next set of bays (Evan’s Bay I think) until Kilbirnie Park. I drive that route on the odd occasion when I have to pick up or drop someone off at the airport and … that’s not a short distance! But I will persevere. I will do this!

Here’s the route – go check it out while I take in the enormity of what I have gotten myself into.


Must start psyching myself for it!

The other option was the 10km run and the half marathon. I know the 6.5/7km fun run is just 3.5 km shy of the 10 km one and I could always push myself a bit more to do the 10 km but … I want to do this gradually. I’ll finish the 7km first and then PERHAPS work my way to 10 km. I honestly don’t see myself doing the half marathon (or the full marathon – 42 ams on foot? Nah). Happy to do 10 km.

That’s it. I’m all sorted. All I need to do now are: continue doing my workouts; make time for calisthenics; eat properly and then on the 11th of February, pick up my race pack (whoo-hoo! that sounds so … serious) from Les Mills on Taranaki Street. After that … it’s all a go!

Wish me luck!


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