Too beautiful to stay indoors!

After two consecutive days of rain, we all woke up to God’s weekend gift, a gorgeous sunshine-y morning! There are a few fluffy, white clouds floating in the blue sky – looks like we’ll have a lot of sun today and tomorrow! Yehey! I might go out and enjoy the glorious weather – after I finish my chores (laundry – can’t waste the sunlight).

Anyway, went out for my workout at 7:45, back by 8:15 – done with my 30 minutes! Tomorrow, I do 35 again – thankful that Mr. Trainer Person has scheduled 90 seconds of walking to every minute of running for tomorrow’s session. I think I need to catch a breather.


Happy that my average speed has jumped up again (and I collected 19 supplies!)

And my graph – yes, I’m still avoiding Boxhill.


Consistency is the key (I obviously don’t have that key yet)

That’ll be my run for today. Rest until tomorrow morning.


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