Met with Mr. Trainer Person today and, as per normal, we did some exercises at the gym and at the end of the session, he took my measurements. I know I gained weight (MEH! It’s that Creme Brûlée from Finc) but what the hey – as long as I feel better overall, I guess that’s what counts.

He’ll be sending me my programme for the next 6 weeks (I wonder what’s in store for me) and he recommended that I replace my existing runners with new ones. I complained about feeling a bit of pain on my shin area and he said it may be because my shoes no longer offer adequate cushioning for my feet / legs. He said if I intend to make running a regular activity, I will need to protect my knees, shins and ankles by investing in good footwear. Yeah yeah — I will get new shoes, but not this weekend. I need to review my cash-flow first.

What else … oh! And I told him that I’m following his programme to a T, not doing more than what’s scheduled – he said that’s good because there’s a reason for it. He said he wants to make sure that by the time the AMI Round the Bays come, I’d be primed for the run. He said that about 3 weeks before the event, he’ll start cutting down on my running time so my body would have time to recover and be all set for the big event.

Exciting! Oh! And I received confirmation that I was one of the first 1000 registrants, as such I get a personalised bib. YOWZAH! That’s enough to brighten my day!


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