Runner – 1: Rain – 0

For some reason. Spring decided to invite Winter back to spend a few days in the Capital. The Sunshine-y summer-y weather we had on Monday and Tuesday were gone in a heartbeat and today, we experienced something akin to Winter yet again. Gray and overcast skies, light yet steady drizzle, and occasional gusts of cold wind. Meh! Everyone was hunched up, trying to keep themselves warm.

BUT … that didn’t stop little miss determined over here. I still went out for my Wednesday Workout even though there was a slight shower and the strong wind would (at times) threaten to blow me over. I just kept thinking what Mr. Trainer Person said one day, “It’ll only be 25 minutes of your life.” so that’s what I was repeating to myself while I was out running in the rain … “you’ll be done in 25 minutes, in 25 minutes you can have a hot shower, in 25 minutes you can prepare dinner, in 25 minutes, you’ll be home.”


At least my average speed is up again. 🙂


Getting wearier nearing the end of the run.

Next session is on the Weekend – now, I rest. I think I’ll play a bit of candy crush and perhaps watch the last few scenes of Monsters University.

Good night!


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