Part 1 – Complete!

Today, I completed my 1st 6-weeks of training and – I did not miss one single running session (I’ve missed out on a few calisthenics though, but I will change than in the next sessions). Hurray for me! However, instead of running faster today, I was slower. The inner part of my right shin area still feels a bit tight (mildly sore) and I noticed my right knee wasn’t as steady as it was yesterday. It wasn’t painful or anything, just felt weak, but I persevered. I did the prescribed 90-second run/walk activity but instead of pounding the pavement as I would, i just “jogged leisurely” – I figured, it’s not a race. I just want to finish the run and that’s my main goal.


From 7.30 to 6.43 – meh!


Wobbly today, but I guess that’s still okay.

Now looking forward to the 2 days of rest before I start on Week 7.  Maybe I should just ride the bus to and from work. I wonder if my daily 3 km walk (1.5 in the morning and another 1.5 in the afternoon) isn’t helping me at all. I mean, I am supposed to be resting on those days right?

Oh well … I will think about that later, right now, I just want to have a good breakfast.


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