On to Week 10!

So … I’m back from my weekend workout and I simply have to write about my so-called achievements! Not only have I completed 10 whole weeks of Trainer’s training programme without missing a single day (slight fib, refer to previous entry but I still completed 3 workouts this week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday), but my so-called average speed has gone up too! Better if I put the summary, according to the statistics given by my Zombies, Run! Training App, below:

7.58 km/hour? Serious? Wheee!!!

7.58 km/hour? Serious? Wheee!!!

I can’t believe I covered over 5km tonight! I’m absolutely stoked! AND I also didn’t let the steep hill that is Box Hill stop me from completing the run part of my workout! I persevered and even when I thought my legs were going to give, I went on and I did it! Yeah, that’s nothing compared to what hard-core runners accomplish, but remember, this is Ms. I-don’t-do-exercise speaking. So for me, that’s a massively big thing!

Yuzh! I'm so proud of myself. :)

Yuzh! I’m so proud of myself. 🙂

Yep! I’m patting myself on the back. Anyway, I shall not do any running tomorrow and tuesday (although I will have a catch up session with Mr. Trainer, he said he’ll check my back – I had back pains a few days ago, but it seems to be better now). I also have to confess that instead of running 2 minutes and walking 90 seconds, as per his workout – I ran 2 minutes and walked 1 minute – I seriously thought that was what I was supposed to do. I was like O_0 when I saw the sheet on my desk. I’m sure he won’t get (too) mad.

Good night and have a great weekend!


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