Still going …

I have been crazy busy the past few weeks which is why I haven’t had the chance to post any updates on my so-called training sessions. This, however, doesn’t mean that I’ve been skipping my workouts. I haven’t. Well … I kinda missed the workout last Wednesday because I had to attend a club meeting at 7:00 and if I ran I would miss my train and be late for the meeting. I missed it on Thursday because of torrential rain and gale force winds (that’s Wellington for you) so I ran late in the afternoon on Friday. I was able to break in my fancy new shoes!


Cute Shoes! Sorry the image isn’t clear though. My photography friends will kill me when they see this picture.

I decided to go and get new shoes because my shin splints are starting to get to me. Did I mention that I complained to my Trainer about it, and as soon as I said “shin splints” he suggested that I replace my shoes. The guy at The Athlete’s Foot said that they recommend that running shoes be replaced every year – hmmm … my running shoes are about 14 months old. And I do use them a lot (for walking and running) so I guess it was time to get a new pair. Oh, and while I was there, I grabbed a few pairs of running socks. Why not? I’ll need them in February anyway.

Soo that’s my life. I’m just waiting for the sun (and the bread slices I ate earlier) to go down a little – then I’ll go on my 40 minute workout. I think Mr. Trainer will not be happy with my workout schedule this week – I haven’t given myself time to rest in between workouts but – I don’t want to make skipping runs a habit. Not now.

Oh … and guess what! I’ve finally conquered Box Hill! I didn’t run all the way up, but I did include that in my route yesterday (and will most likely be including that street from here onwards) – so that’s my little achievement for the week!


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