Skewed Stats …

Went out for my Wednesday run this evening and my average speed has gone down to 6.36 kph. It’s not because I’m such a slow poke, I actually ran faster than I normally do (because my back was no longer hurting and my shin splints are almost gone – thanks to my swanky pair of runners) however, since I’m supposed to do 25 minutes of walking and running, I finished my 25 minutes way before the mission in my Zombies, Run! app ended. Therefore, from 25 minutes until the time the robotic voice said “Mission Completed. Starting Radio Mode” – I was stretching, going up the stairs to my room, pacing back and forth beside my bed, doing lateral lunges and twiddling my thumbs. Meh! But it’s all right. At least, deep down in my heart, I know I ran faster – at least at the start of the programme. I kinda slowed down halfway through. I think I had to cross the street at the 15:00 minute mark and everything was uphill from then.

ImageOn Saturday, I’ll be going on 35 minute sessions (still on 2min run and 1min walk intervals) and on Sunday … whoohoo! I progress to 40 minute workouts comprising of 5 minute runs and 1 minute walks. Oh boy! This is going to be interesting.


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