Just so you know …

Yes, I’m still running but I have to admit that the Christmas break (and unexplainable abdominal pains sometime in December) mucked up my programme / schedule. I think I missed about 8 running days? And I’ve just gotten back into the groove of things. In a nutshell, my short runs are now 30 minutes long (alternating between 3 or 4 minute runs and 1 minute walks) and my long runs are about 40-45 minutes long with runs lasting as short as 8 minutes. I think that’s what I’m supposed to do this Sunday, 8 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking for 40 (or 45) minutes – I forget. I have to look at the schedule that was sent to me yesterday.  I honestly don’t know how I’ll manage that – but … I will do my best.

Here’s my summary for this morning’s run:

ImageMy average speed is much better than that. Last Wednesday it was up to 7.85 km/h. The reason it’s gone down is because, as I promised Shaun, stopped running at the end of the allocated 30 minute schedule – but the ZR mission continued on. I’m a very obedient student – I follow instructions to a T.  So, while I was checking out fruits and veggies in the local supermarket, the app was still tracking my movements. If I didn’t complete my mission, my stats would be much better.

ImageSEE? It all went downhill from 30 minutes onwards. AND … I’m running out of streets! I think, tomorrow, I will take the train to the city and run up and down the waterfront. It’ll be flat and it’s practically the 7K route I will attempt to conquer in February. Might as well get the hang of that area right?

Anyway … yesterday, I asked trainer if he’ll forgive me if in the end, I end up walking some parts of the way and this is his answer:

“If you have to walk then walk but want you to try really hard to run the entire way. I don’t care what speed just that you are running…YOU CAN DO IT.”


PS. I also need to update my playlist. I don’t think I can bear to listen to Sebastian Bach belt out “I Remember You” one more time.


2 comments on “Just so you know …

  1. Sam says:

    I like to travel away from home to the river side, it saves me running in traffic and I can run in a relative straight line. Try it and see how it goes

    • bunnybunbuns says:

      I shall do that tomorrow. I’m actually getting bored seeing the same houses when I go out. Working out by the waterfront would be different and it will save me having to stop at intersections too. 🙂

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