I admit … I’m a wuss.

I went to the city to complete my long-run and .. I kinda didn’t finish it. Well … I did but didn’t, does that make sense? No, it doesn’t.

Sigh … I’m supposed to do a 45 minute run, right? Comprised of 10 minute runs and 1 minute walks until I complete the 45 minutes. Well … I managed to do 2 complete 10 minute runs (non-stop) and 1 x 10 minute run (with pauses – I told you I’m a wuss), and for the last 10 minute-run, I did a mixture of walks and runs because .. my stupid app could not recognise the new songs I put in my playlist AND I REFUSE TO RUN IN DEAD SILENCE. At least I could look forward to a bit of conversation when the app was running, but once the mission was completed – it was quiet.

However, I’m still semi proud of my achievement. I thought I wouldn’t even be able to finish 1×10 minute run considering my running schedule’s been shot and my longest run so far was for 5 minutes straight. Happy that I didn’t feel any pains and niggles. I think i could have done the whole 45 minutes if I had something pleasant to listen to, to keep my mind off the minutes I need to complete.

Bah… anyway, my stats.

Image7.24 km/h – if I manage to keep that up, I can finish my 7K in an hour! YIKES!

ImageSee? I don’t think my workout was that bad. I still ran most of the way. Must do better next week. I hope its still 10 minute runs (though I have a funny feeling that Shaun’s scheduled 20 minute runs next week – Blech!).

PS. Now attempting to convert my DRM music to something the app would recognise. I hope this works otherwise I’ll be running to the Sound of Silence, and I’m not referring to the Simon and Garfunkel version.


2 comments on “I admit … I’m a wuss.

  1. Sam says:

    You have done really well, Be proud of how far you have come

    • bunnybunbuns says:

      Hi de ho! Thank you for your kind words. Even though I didn’t complete the whole 45 minutes (as instructed), yeah, I am proud of this morning’s session. That’s a big accomplishment for someone who just started “running” late last year. 😀

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