One Month To Go!

This morning, on my way to work, I realised that Round the Bays is now merely but a month away! OMG! And I don’t think I’m prepared for it yet!I mean, I am following my workout schedule (as provided by Mr. Trainer) but I’m still such a Hufflepuff – (Huffing and Puffing while running – not the Hogwarts version). I did my Wednesday workout yesterday afternoon (30 minutes: 4 minutes run/jog; 1 minute walk) and, although I managed to complete the circuit – my legs were screaming at me by the time I reached the last set of 4:1s. However, I managed to persevere and I did it!

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to do 35 minutes (5 minute:1minute), and on Sunday, 50 (or was it 45, I can’t remember) minutes of 15 minute runs and 1 minute walks. GOOD GRIEF! I can just see me laughing at myself (HA HA HA). Wish me luck!

I’ll post my run summary later, when I get home. Stats not that bad. 🙂



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