pant … pant … pant …

Whew! I didn’t think I could do it, but I did (well kinda) and I’m proud of what I have accomplished. As stated in previous entries, my long run for last week (Sunday) is a 50-minute workout composed of 15 minute runs and 1 minute rests (walks) in between. I wasn’t able to do it yesterday because of foul (really foul) weather. Besides, I felt exhausted after the impromptu moving out session on Saturday afternoon. Let’s just not add to the stress right, and just have a relaxed Sunday.

So anyway, since Monday was relatively all right, I decided to do my long run today (and then my 2 short runs on Thursday and Saturday and then another long run on Sunday the 2nd of February). I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I did (a bit). I completed the 1st and 3rd 15 minutes without any hassle (run/jog non-stop) but found it difficult to sustain the pace during the middle 15-minute. I don’t know why. 😦 Any ideas why this is so? I’m catching up with Mr. Trainer Person tomorrow, I will ask him about that.

Next Sunday, I’ll be doing 2 x 20 minute runs and a minute (or so) interval in-between. Since it’s just 2 straight runs, I’m hoping I won’t feel exhausted during the middle bit and revert to walking just to catch my breath.

My stats and my graph below:

ImageOy! My average speed is now 7.73 km/h … not bad! Not bad at all.

ImageSee? The middle bit is horrible. 😦 Maybe I need to learn how to pace myself properly – so I don’t end up tiring myself too early on the track.

I’m tired. I think I’ll rest now. I’ll be busy tomorrow. After meeting with Mr. Trainer, I’ve got to attend to some club stuff. I want to do them tonight, but … the bed beckons.


PS. After Round the Bays, I’ll be posting other stuff – not running related. 🙂


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