Yes! Yesterday was THE DAY! The day of the 6.5 fun run I signed up for a few weeks back and guess what … I finished the course! (Whoohoo!!!) I clocked in at 00:52:51 – I honestly wanted to have finished in less than 45 minutes but I didn’t push myself to run faster (yes, I jogged) simply because I was afraid of losing steam in the middle of the race and end up walking until the finish line. I wanted to run (or jog) the whole time and .. that’s what I did. I ran like a nanna (Daryl Dixon will so be disappointed in me) but hey – considering I’ve never been the athletic / jock type, this is a massive achievement for the likes of me!

Here’s my official time, as taken from the AMI Round the Bays website:

I'm runner 230. Eager beaver signed up as early as ... November?

I’m runner 230. Eager beaver signed up as early as … November?

I think my placing is not bad. I’ve made it to the top half of the finishers – I really can’t complain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished (even my trainer’s proud of me) but I sometimes think I could have done better. Oh well – the great thing about this is that there’ll always be another time. The next one we’re looking at (we because he’ll be preparing a programme for me again) is a the Armstrong Wellington Marathon in June. No, I’m not signing up for the half marathon – just the 10K one.

If I do go through with this, it will be challenging (yet again) because I’m going on holiday and will be arriving the week before “race day”.  PLUS it’ll be right smack in the middle of winter so … it will be cold, wet and windy. Hmmm … I can use that as motivation to run faster. That’ll be the only way I can keep warm. Hahaha!

Anyway, pics from the event:

I honestly cannot remember what happened from the time I started until the time I finished. I know I wasn’t able to set my run tracker nor my zombie app. I remember listening to music but can’t recall which songs were playing (I think Higher was one of them, and I Learned from the Best and Mr. Jones). I do remember seeing “motivational” signs at various points along the way (“Halfway done. You can do it!” and “1.5 ams to go”). I couldn’t take pictures because, well, I didn’t want to stop and muck up my momentum.

I think I posted an image of the route, but I’ll post it again here – just because. 🙂

Route Map.

Route Map.

I do remember shuffling past one of the bays and the residents were pointing hoses at us, spraying us with water (much needed because it was a warm day) and a gentleman in a kilt was playing his bagpipes for us. Some stood and waved, some clapped as we trudged on, some gave us thumbs up signs. It was surreal and fun and a great experience.

I managed to not DIE when I got to the finish line. I did my stretching and grabbed a free banana and a bottle of water and just sat in the middle of Kilbirnie Park, absorbed the sun and congratulated myself for a job well done. 🙂

So … I probably will stop making a running commentary on my running, at least until I start “training” for the 10K run in June. 🙂


One comment on “I DID IT!

  1. Daisy says:

    Congratulations bunnybunbuns! Planned to run for years now but have not done it yet…maybe you’ll my inspiration…;-)

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