40 minutes

Yes … According to Shaun the Trainer’s training plan, I’m supposed to do 40 minutes of non-stop slow jogging on my “long run”. I was supposed to do that on the weekend but, due to inclement weather, I decided to skip it and complete the long run on Monday (today) – and complete it I did!

Here’s my summary:


My average speed is somewhat better now (I think) and look at that! almost 6 km! Had I carried on at this pace during Round the Bays, I probably would have finished a in a little less than 50 minutes (wishful thinking).

And here’s my route:


I obviously did not plan this through properly. I ran 40 minutes one way,  I covered 5 km – of course I had to go back right? And from my starting point, I had to walk back up to where I work to get my bag, and then walk to the train station (work to the train station is a good 2kms). So basically, I did at least 12 km today. My legs are going to KILL me tomorrow! I guess I won’t be able to do squats when I catch up with Mr. Trainer Person tomorrow night aye?

Anyway, I still run like a nanna but what the hey! I read a blog post from one of the blogs I’m following that “6 minutes or 16 minutes, a mile is still a mile”. Doesn’t matter how slow or fast I ran – the bottom line is that I ran. That’s a whole lot better than not doing anything at all. However, I think it is time to push myself a little bit. On my next short run, I’ll “run” a bit faster. I think my system can handle it.

Now, I rest.


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