Wonky Stats

Went out for my short run tonight because … well .. because I’m preparing for a slightly longer run in June and … to be totally honest, I felt the need to “escape”. I wasn’t feeling too chirpy today – I don’t know what brought it on. Maybe I felt tired – we (myself and a few others) did some manual labour at Upper Hutt this morning and that could have brought my mojo down. Maybe it was also because I felt a wee bit stressed out. Maybe it’s the due to the current phase of the moon. Who knows – but I was (still a bit anyway) feeling blech!

Anyway – so I went on my short run and, as I said in a previous post, I would “push myself” a wee bit more – run slightly faster, and I think I did it – at least during my first 4 minutes (if the silly graph, see below, can be trusted).


I think something went wrong with the GPS during that first 5 minutes. For one thing, I don’t recall sprinting during that period, and I definitely did not run a straight line from Te-Papa to Cable Street and then back again towards Chaffers Park. I wonder if the programme was unable to capture the path, but still managed to get the speed right. Hmm … Here’s my summary. Lookit that! 8:42 km/h. That’s an improvement, if I say so myself. 🙂


So that’s what I did today. After my run, I went back to work and stayed for an extra hour and a half. Had to. Had a lot of things I needed to finish for tomorrow (and I’m not even done yet!). This is a crazy week, and next week will be crazy too – and next month will be absolutely BONKERS! I’ll keep running – I have to. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane.

I think I’ll rest easy now.  Good night.


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