now i get it …

I went out for my short run again today and I think I’ve finally figured out why my stats get all wonky when I’m running in the Te Papa area. The Te Papa area is covered! Since the app can’t “see the sky” so to speak, the location settings get all mixed up! AND that’s probably why I have this massive spike in my running speed! Like, are you serious? 18km/h? What am I? A bike?

Anyway, incorrect GPS reading notwithstanding, here’s my graph for today:


Without that silly spike, my running speed’s fairly steady. The dips are when I started walking and that big dip at the 15 minute mark was when I made a U-Turn. I finished at 30 minutes but let the app run until the “mission” is complete – which explains the irregular shaped lines nearing the 35 minute mark.


My average speed’s gone down (sadness) from 8.44 to 7.98. Oh well. Perhaps my long run on Monday will be better.

Tonight, I rest and tomorrow I’ll have a much deserved sleep-in … until 8:00 am. (yeah, that’s already me, waking up “late”)


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