Running again!

After over 2 months – I’m finally running again! According to the app I’m using, the last time I went out for a run was way back on the 19th of April. That must have been the weekend we stayed over at my mum’s place. I remember that, the monday following that weekend, I felt ill and came down with cough and colds. Since I was going on a month-long holiday in May, I opted to err on the safe side and rest. PLUS, I had to prepare budgets and “run” a club. WHEW! BUT – that’s done and now that I’m back in Wellington, with budgets behind me and with a wee bit more time on my hands, I’ve resumed running.

So … I went out and did 15 minutes of straight running and walked (and tried to catch my breath) for 5 minutes and then ran another 15 minutes. I know that’s not what trainer planned for me but I had to run. I was already feeling a bit meh about myself. So anyway, stats …

ImageFunny thing this app. I know I started running at 00:03 but according to the graph above, GPS kicked in at 5:00. I know I stopped at 15:00 (but graph above sows I stopped at 20:00). And I definitely ended my run at 35:00 but see? It says I went on until 40:00! Strange.



Oh well – at least I’m back at it. I hope to run again on Thursday (or Friday). It really depends on the weather. I need to keep myself busy otherwise I’d spend most of my time reading silly stories on the internet. 

Good night! 



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