Why I stopped running

To be totally honest, I think life happened. I used to run religiously, 3 x a week, and also did my strengthening exercises in when I’m not pounding the pavement.  Then sometime between March 2014 and … now, I just stopped.


I did try to go back (as evidenced by sparse posts in January 2016)  but … I don’t know, I never gained the momentum. Maybe if I had continued to log my progress (as I used to do, and intend to do again), I would have not stopped. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I just lost motivation and the thought of running just fills me with dread.

Yes, I have been researching on how to get the running mojo back, or how to get motivated again – but none of that really helped. I’d see runners on the street and I’d think to myself “I should be doing that” but not feel inclined to actually go out and do it. To be totally frank, I still kinda feel that way – I just need to get my mental game going and tell myself – “NO, You will go out and do it! Just 30 minutes is all your body is asking for. Just do it.” No more excuses.

Wait, you might think I look like Miss Piggy with the way I’m going on about things – I’m not. I’m still pleasantly plump, but I do have a barrel for a midsection – and my arms are a a bit rotund as well and I’m obviously not happy about it.

So there. Anyway, I’ll sign up for Round the Bays in February 2017. I completed 6.5 kms in less than an hour (51:11 if I remember correctly) in February 2014, I hope I can beat that record next year. No, marathons are out of the question for me. I love my knees.

Anyway, I will be having dinner soon (salad and a bit of pork for protein). I hope my succeeding posts will be cheerier – one way or another.


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