So far so good … i think

It’s almost midday and I have not had a muffin or chocolate pieces. I did have a cup of cocoa this morning, and a bit of muesli. I hope that’s not going to ruin my diet. And for brunch-lunch, I had pork and eggplant (left over from dinner last night) – just that, no rice.

Had a short walk at lunch and got myself a flat white (with half sugar) and a small chicken, corn and chick pea salad on my way back to work. At least it’s not a muffin or a croissant.

And this afternoon, I took the bus home because it was a bit windy and chilly (I normally walk home, and that’s a good 4km too). However, I got off about 3 stations from my usual bus stop so I could still, even if it’s just a short distance, get to walk. I didn’t realise S-Health tracked that too! I can’t find it on the app now, all it’s showing is the total distance I walked, with the phone on me, today (2.98 km) and that I have burnt 143 kcal. Surely I burnt more than that, considering I walked to the post office and bag, and kept walking around the office …

Anyway, when I got home, after I fed the cats, I changed into my *ehem* work out costume (it’s almost Halloween, I’ll call it whatever I want to call it), and proceeded to do my calisthenics. I managed to do 3 sets of 9 exercises, including squats, lunges, leg raises, tricep dips, push ups, crunches and glute bridges. No, I don’t have washboard abs (yet) – maybe in a few hundred years.

Then I had dinner. Since I didn’t have any more eggs in the fridge, or bacon for that matter, I just had mesclun salad with mung beans and 2 slices of toast with hummus.  I figured, my brunch-lunch and afternoon tea provided the protein I needed for the day. Oh! And I had a glass of orange juice – because there was just enough for 1 glass left in the bottle. I needed to make space in the fridge.

So … that’s Day 2. Tomorrow, I am scheduled to do my 30 minute cardio.

Wish me luck!


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