And the journey continues …

I just got back from my “workout” and I am so pleased with myself because:

  1. I got out of bed even though I still wanted to stay under the covers
  2. I went for a run EVEN THOUGH it was raining! Hey, that’s a big achievement for me! I’m what you call a “fair-weathered-runner”.
  3. I did my best to run uphill – several times.

Minuscule accomplishments but hey, every little step counts right?

S Health Stats below:
Time: 45:23 (including walking while catching breath)
Distance: 5.32 km (did 2.5 kms, albeit mostly downhill, without stopping!)
Calories: 343 (3,200 more to go before I lose 1 lb of fat – BLECH!)
Average Speed: 7.0 km/h (whoohoo!)
Average Pace: 8’31” / km (I still don’t know what this is for)

Will take a shower now and then have breakfast.

Good morning!

Me again. I think I got the average speed wrong. I shouldn’t be celebrating because I did 7.0 km / hr, that’s slower than what I did the last time i went out (8.5 km/h). MEH! Who cares? Let’s just be glad I went out for a run – that in itself isĀ something worth celebrating.


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