and it’s Monday!

No, I didn’t do any exercises (cardio or strengthening) yesterday. It’s a Sunday and I just wanted to focus on chores, on cuddles and have a rest. I did, however:

  • pull out A LOT of weeds in the garden,
  • hacked off some vines (and cut myself in the process),
  • walked in and around the city (had to buy eggs and was parked a mile away)
  • scraped off moss from our wood retaining wall

So I didn’t just laze away yesterday, I still had a bit of physical activity.

As for eating – still doing well. Still eating a lot of veggies, cutting down on sugar although I did have a big bowl of Vietnamese Bun – It was cold and I wanted something soupy and hot.

Today, I will walk home and then do my squats and lunges. Tomorrow, I run.


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