01 November 2016

I’ve decided to change the way I put title on my blogs. Instead of a random phrase or word, I will just use the date. That way, I can blog continuously for a day, and then just put the time I decided to make an update as a heading – not that any of you needed to know that.

Anyway, today I ran! Whoohoo! Just 30 minutes but I did it! It was a bit chilly and I (for some reason) felt so tired, but I still went out for my half-an-hour work out! And according to S-Health my workout duration (running, walking and panting – all rolled into one), was 30 minutes and 35 seconds. Additional stats below:

Distance:  3.85 km (meh)
Calories: 252 cal (whut?!)
Average Speed: 7.5 k/h
Average Pace: 07’55”

I even earned a reward  – apparently, 07’55” was my best pace. Better than my previous record of 08’31” (like i understand what that’s all about).

And then, when I got home, I had salad, toast and salmon. I think I made up for my sugar binge earlier.

Tomorrow is squat day.


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