Still going ..

No, I didn’t walk home last night. I was supposed to but I had a 2nd hand laptop, 5 wooden serving plates and a bag of veggies (in addition to the regular backpack I carry) so I opted to take the bus home instead.

Yes, I did my floor exercises. Squats and lunges (I still wobble when I do those) and all the other bits too. And then I went around sweeping stuff off the floor (YEY for more physical activity!). 


I actually registered for the Cigna Round The Bays event in February! I just joined the 6.5 fun run event – I think the reason I lost all motivation was I pushed myself too hard to do the 10km last year. I’m hoping to break my 2014 time of 52:51 minutes (that’s my correct time, according to I don’t know where I got the 51:11 from).

But before that happens, I need to do my 30 minutes tonight. I can’t believe I’ll actually say this but … I think I’m looking forward to my run this evening.



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