02 November 16

Post @ 9:15 am

Had 2 cookies, 2 Jaffa Thins and 6 cheese balls this morning. ūüė¶ Woke up later than usual and had to rush out the door else I’d be late for work. I’m making up for the food booboo by just having tea instead of the usual cocoa and coffee mix I have. I also have left over salad for lunch. I was thinking of getting fish from the fish n chips shop to go with it, but I will most likely just get fish for dinner instead.

Post @ 8:46 pm

Still had lots of small portions of the good stuff (wafers, ¬†chocolate thins, lemon squares). Maybe my body is running low on sugar which is why I’ve been craving for these. However, ¬†I did have veggies and baked fish for dinner. I also did my ludicrous lunges so, ¬†hey! I can say I still managed to do my floor exercises. I also did a bit of gardening so more bending and lifting for me.

Having a rest now,  might sleep soon.



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