04 November 2016

Post at 9:25 am

Yes, I ran yesterday. Slower than usual (bugger) even though I felt like I was moving more than I did previously. Maybe it’s because I was TRYING to go uphill. Wasn’t able to log it yesterday because I didn’t have access to a PC.

Update / Edit: 
My stats according to SHealth are:

Time: 30:42
Distance: 3.74
Calories: 289 kcal
Average Speed: 7.3 km/h
Average Pace: 8’11’ / km

Eating left over baked fish and blanched broccoli. Eating lunch really early because I’ve got a massage at 12:00 and I don’t want to have food in my tummy when I go in for my torture treatment.

Stretches tonight.

Post @ 8:35pm

Have just finished my stretches – although tonight, since most of my muscles still ache from my torture treatment (massage), I only did 2 sets of each floor exercise instead of 3. Besides, I spent some time in the garden (optimistic about the minor landscaping / gardening project I have given myself), so I am still a bit sore.

Now resting, preparing to go to bed. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to do my “long run” – that’s 45 minutes instead of the usual half-an-hour attempt at being fit. I hope I survive. 🙂


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