08 November 2016

Posted @ 9:58am

I didn’t realise I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday. Oh yeah, I played Civ V from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Must stop doing that. I still managed to do my floor exercises though – except for the push ups. Someone walked in on my while I was about to start so I flagged it.

30 minute run tonight. I wonder if I can still run up those mini-hills I conquered last Sunday…

Posted @ 8:50pm

Run completed. I did a little over 30 minutes but still with walking breaks in between bursts of running. Not bad – Personally, I think I’m getting stronger. I don’t tire easily and I can do the inclines much better than I did before. My stride feels longer and stronger too. I hope I’m not just imagining things. I tend to do that – to boost my morale, and then I look in the mirror and see my spring rolls … BOOM! Morale burst.

Anyway, in the few times that I’ve been running seriously (I have been running on and off in the past but I think this is me being serious about it – I’m now running because I actually am enjoying it again, not because I want to lose weight), I learned a few things about me. Yes, running is sometimes the time for introspection. I have learned that:

  1. I prefer to run in the mornings. I have a bit more energy, there are fewer people on the road, and fewer cars too. The air is fresher and … I don’t know, it just feels different.
  2. I don’t need music to run. I used to think I did, but now, it doesn’t matter. I think I prefer to run in silence, with nothing but my thoughts and my thoughts in my head.

Anyway – SHealth Stats …

Time: 34 minutes
Distance: 4.46 km (huh?
Calories: 306 kilocalories
Average Speed: 7.8 kph
Average Pace: 7’38” / k

I even earned a reward today. Apparently, I’ve bested my previous average pace – but honestly, I don’t know what that stat is for. Oh, and I will need to update a previous post – I just realised I wasn’t able to put in my stats. Hmpft.

By the way, still going strong on the food front. I still graze in the day (chocolate thins usually) but not as much as before. I really must do something about this appetite!



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