11 November 2016

Good morning!

Sorry I haven’t posted on the last 2 days. On the 9th we had friends over for dinner. Had to cook and entertain and went to bed at about 10:00 pm. However, even though I was busy, I still managed to do a bit of my floor exercises. Not 3 sets though, just 2 of each because I was tired. So no, I haven’t missed out on any of my exercises yet.

AND then yesterday, someone had a craving for burger so we went out and got that for dinner, then we watched a bit of Hellboy at home. Someone looked exhausted so we just went to bed early. HOWEVER, I still did my short run (HAH! I bet you thought I skipped that!) … while it was drizzling to boot! Here are my stats:

Duration: 30 minutes 10 seconds
Distance: 4.11 km
Calories: 235
Average Speed: 8.1 k/h
Average Pace: 7’20” / km

I can’t trust the stats though. The GPS was wonky and the map on my phone shows a route I’ve never even been on before.

Oh well. Today I do my floor exercises again.


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