Round the Bays

So last Sunday, I joined Wellington’s Round the Bays event. I had hoped to finish the 6.5km fun run in less time than when I did it in 2014 but – sadly, I came in a little over 2 minutes over my best time. šŸ˜¦ I’m slightly gutted but I can’t blame anyone but myself really – since:

  • I stopped “training” in November (when the quake hit the Capital)
  • I went overseas (with my partner) for 2 weeksĀ (didn’t run there)
  • When I came back I becameĀ busy with year-end and January work changes
  • Of course there was this big event on January 29
  • Followed immediately by a 2-week holiday in the South Island
  • and then I got sick from Thursday (16th Feb) until 2 pm after the race finished.

I guess it’s not really bad ….

Anyway – went for a 30-minute afternoon run yesterday and man it was scorching hot! According to SHealth:

Running Time: 30 mins 38 seconds
Distance: 3.91 km
Average Speed: 07’48” / km

I try not to beat myself up too much considering I haven’t been running for 2 1/2 years. It’ll take time before I get the stamina and strength again.

Hmmm … according to SHealth (again), my average on Sunday was 08’17” / km … I was faster yesterday?!

Might do another 30 minutes tonight.


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