Oops I did it again

I ran again yesterday (wow! 2 days in a row!). Just 30 Minutes but I covered a bit more kms than the previous run. Have broken the 4km  / 30 minute barrier – however, the average between the 2 runs is still below 4km (just! 3.98 if I’m not mistaken).

I’m not running tonight nor will I run tomorrow – I had a deep tissue massage and I’ve read that I should rest at least 24 hours after a deep tissue massage. I plan to run again on Sunday – perhaps do 45 minutes (I need a long run).

Running time: 30 mins 18 secs
Distance: 4.05 km
Average Speed: 07’28” / km

I really need to sort out the phone thing though. Annoying having to try to exercise with one hand holding a phone. Might have to use arm band from Monday.

PS. I probably should make a graph of some sort so I can see how I’m “tracking”


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