My Struggle Is Real

So today, I went out for another 30 minute run. I’m still quite unable to run the whole lot (even half non-stop, I can’t do … yet), but I honestly can feel my strides are somewhat stronger and I don’t huff and puff as much. I think my main challenge is not about overcoming physical barriers, but crossing MENTAL ones. I can feel that my body can still perform … can still run longer, but my brain is saying “Whoa! It’s hot you need to have a drink.” or “You’ve already done 12 minutes, you can now rest and walk.” So … I need to fight those. Good luck to me.

Anyway, S-Health stats:
Running Time: 30 mins 08 seconds
Distance: 4.09 km
Average Pace: 07’21” / km

I figured out the difference between Average Speed and Average Pace now. Speed is for something with wheels (like a bike), whereas average pace is for mortals such as me.

I’ll go out again tomorrow. Yes, it’ll be warm again, but I plan to prepare for the heat this time. I will drink lots of water during the day (to make sure I don’t feel dehydrated) and I will ignore the little voice in my head telling me that it’s too darn warm. I also found my armband, which is great because that means I can be hands free. Not having the phone in my hand would mean I wouldn’t be tempted to keep checking how much time I have left to complete in my “workout”.

I also plan to do just 30 minute runs this week (and I hope to be able to have an average of at least 4.20 km. After this week, I intend to go point to point – instead of by time. Which means, If I have to go longer than 30 minutes, I will. I’ve already established where my start and end points will be.

And then one day soon, I’ll be able to do 5 kms in one go again.

Wish me luck!


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