I melted

I went out for my 30 minute run this afternoon and I didn’t really do well AT ALL. I had hoped to break the 4km mark at each run but today, I couldn’t. I managed to eke out a measly 3.82 km. It’s embarrassing, I know but I just couldn’t go any faster! I think it has something to do with the heat. I swear, it was so hot, I wanted to just strip off all my clothes and jump into the ocean. It was THAT kind of hot. According to a weather website I follow on Facebook, the high today was 27C. Blooming heck! Pfft. (Of course, my sister up in Auckland runs at lunch time and her average pace is 5 minutes and about 30 seconds per kilometer – yes, I’m a sloth).

Oh well … i take solace in the fact that i still did 30 minutes of (mildly pathetic) running, which is better than no running at all.

My (pathetic) stats:
Running Time: 30  mins and 13 seconds (but if you include rest breaks, 38:47 yuck)
Distance: 3.82 kms
Average Pace: 07’52” / km

At least it’s not 08’17” / km – which was my average pace during Round the Bays.

I hope I do better tomorrow. It’s supposed to be cooler.


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