08 November 2016

Posted @ 9:58am

I didn’t realise I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday. Oh yeah, I played Civ V from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Must stop doing that. I still managed to do my floor exercises though – except for the push ups. Someone walked in on my while I was about to start so I flagged it.

30 minute run tonight. I wonder if I can still run up those mini-hills I conquered last Sunday…

Posted @ 8:50pm

Run completed. I did a little over 30 minutes but still with walking breaks in between bursts of running. Not bad – Personally, I think I’m getting stronger. I don’t tire easily and I can do the inclines much better than I did before. My stride feels longer and stronger too. I hope I’m not just imagining things. I tend to do that – to boost my morale, and then I look in the mirror and see my spring rolls … BOOM! Morale burst.

Anyway, in the few times that I’ve been running seriously (I have been running on and off in the past but I think this is me being serious about it – I’m now running because I actually am enjoying it again, not because I want to lose weight), I learned a few things about me. Yes, running is sometimes the time for introspection. I have learned that:

  1. I prefer to run in the mornings. I have a bit more energy, there are fewer people on the road, and fewer cars too. The air is fresher and … I don’t know, it just feels different.
  2. I don’t need music to run. I used to think I did, but now, it doesn’t matter. I think I prefer to run in silence, with nothing but my thoughts and my thoughts in my head.

Anyway – SHealth Stats …

Time: 34 minutes
Distance: 4.46 km (huh?
Calories: 306 kilocalories
Average Speed: 7.8 kph
Average Pace: 7’38” / k

I even earned a reward today. Apparently, I’ve bested my previous average pace – but honestly, I don’t know what that stat is for. Oh, and I will need to update a previous post – I just realised I wasn’t able to put in my stats. Hmpft.

By the way, still going strong on the food front. I still graze in the day (chocolate thins usually) but not as much as before. I really must do something about this appetite!



06 November 2016

I did my long run today! Whoohoo! I was having 2nd thoughts about going out since my shoulder muscles were still sore but, I figured, I can’t keep making excuses and besides, I’d probably get mad at myself for skipping a session so off I went. It drizzled, bu the way, but I still persisted. I still stopped and walked on some parts but guess what, I managed to run / jog up one of the mini-inclines in the garden. There are several but there’s this one area where I struggle on – even while walking. I first accomplished that feat on Thursday, so I tried it again today, and I didn’t struggle as much.

Time: 45:02
Distance: 5.47km (i can’t believe i covered more ground than last week)
Calories: 380 kcal (i still have a protruding belly)
Speed: 7.2 km/h
Pace: 8’13″/km

I still don’t know what the speed and pace stats are for, but what the hey.

Anyway, I think I’m improving – slowly but surely …

05 November 2016

No, I’m not running today. My back muscles are still sore from my deep-tissue / spinal manipulation massage I had yesterday. According to the interweb, rest for 24 hours after having these procedures done before undergoing any form of strenuous activity. My feeble attempts at running, even though feeble, is still considered strenuous.

I rest today. Maybe do a bit of gardening. Tomorrow, I do 45 minutes.

04 November 2016

Post at 9:25 am

Yes, I ran yesterday. Slower than usual (bugger) even though I felt like I was moving more than I did previously. Maybe it’s because I was TRYING to go uphill. Wasn’t able to log it yesterday because I didn’t have access to a PC.

Update / Edit: 
My stats according to SHealth are:

Time: 30:42
Distance: 3.74
Calories: 289 kcal
Average Speed: 7.3 km/h
Average Pace: 8’11’ / km

Eating left over baked fish and blanched broccoli. Eating lunch really early because I’ve got a massage at 12:00 and I don’t want to have food in my tummy when I go in for my torture treatment.

Stretches tonight.

Post @ 8:35pm

Have just finished my stretches – although tonight, since most of my muscles still ache from my torture treatment (massage), I only did 2 sets of each floor exercise instead of 3. Besides, I spent some time in the garden (optimistic about the minor landscaping / gardening project I have given myself), so I am still a bit sore.

Now resting, preparing to go to bed. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to do my “long run” – that’s 45 minutes instead of the usual half-an-hour attempt at being fit. I hope I survive. 🙂

03 November 2016

Post @ 9:30 am

Woke up a bit early so I had time to prepare a proper breakfast. I had a lemon square (sorry! it was there, calling out to me!), a bit of fried rice and a cup of cocoa. That should fill me up for the day thus reduce the chance of me hiking up to the Cafeteria to ask for munchies. 🙂

02 November 16

Post @ 9:15 am

Had 2 cookies, 2 Jaffa Thins and 6 cheese balls this morning. 😦 Woke up later than usual and had to rush out the door else I’d be late for work. I’m making up for the food booboo by just having tea instead of the usual cocoa and coffee mix I have. I also have left over salad for lunch. I was thinking of getting fish from the fish n chips shop to go with it, but I will most likely just get fish for dinner instead.

Post @ 8:46 pm

Still had lots of small portions of the good stuff (wafers,  chocolate thins, lemon squares). Maybe my body is running low on sugar which is why I’ve been craving for these. However,  I did have veggies and baked fish for dinner. I also did my ludicrous lunges so,  hey! I can say I still managed to do my floor exercises. I also did a bit of gardening so more bending and lifting for me.

Having a rest now,  might sleep soon.


01 November 2016

I’ve decided to change the way I put title on my blogs. Instead of a random phrase or word, I will just use the date. That way, I can blog continuously for a day, and then just put the time I decided to make an update as a heading – not that any of you needed to know that.

Anyway, today I ran! Whoohoo! Just 30 minutes but I did it! It was a bit chilly and I (for some reason) felt so tired, but I still went out for my half-an-hour work out! And according to S-Health my workout duration (running, walking and panting – all rolled into one), was 30 minutes and 35 seconds. Additional stats below:

Distance:  3.85 km (meh)
Calories: 252 cal (whut?!)
Average Speed: 7.5 k/h
Average Pace: 07’55”

I even earned a reward  – apparently, 07’55” was my best pace. Better than my previous record of 08’31” (like i understand what that’s all about).

And then, when I got home, I had salad, toast and salmon. I think I made up for my sugar binge earlier.

Tomorrow is squat day.